Dad's Day

My Dad is the Greatest.

He is tall in stature and large in heart...A Gentle Giant. Always loads of fun...we love to play music loudly and we both love Architecture and Photography. His three little grand-daughters love him dearly and have Poppie wrapped around their little finger.

We went to Africa together in January 2010 and i loved to see the way that the children & people of Uganda were drawn to him and could see his true character.

This weekend is Fathers Day and such a wonderful time to Honour our Dad's, our Uncle's, our Grandfather's, our Brother's and any other men that have influenced our lives. I'm grateful that i have had men in all of the above categories influence my life in a positive way.

We are going to have a BBQ in the sunshine...our favourite way to celebrate.

We Love to Dance

Bulrushes Babies Home, Uganda

Building a Classroom Together, Gulu, Uganda

Such a Gentle Man

On Safari, Uganda
Love you Dad xx


New Season

A new season is upon us...how exciting it is! To think that we have come out of this season of winter and into the start of something new -- a new season of spring. 

Spring makes you want to get out of bed in the morning, the birds are singing louder, the blossoms are starting to bloom, the days are getting longer and warmer -- my favourite time of year...

Happy 1st Day of Spring (everyone in the Southern Hemisphere of course)...

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