Nursery Rhymes

My lovely Sister is having another baby in about 15 weeks. Yikes! I am beyond excited to have a new born baby in the family again. I love being an Auntie more than anything…it is the most fun. I love my two amazing nieces.   

I was delighted when my sister asked me to help her decorate the nursery...she already has her hands full with the two princesses. So I have my little thinking cap on at the moment and have been looking around for affordable ideas. She is keeping the sex of the baby a surprise so we will have to keep it gender neutral.

I found this charming post on design*sponge...a sneak peek at some nurseries. Here are a few of my favorites.

I'm open to suggestions if anyone have any ideas...


There is nothing else to do but Love

There is nothing else to do but love; and what there is to do, is done.
- Charles Dickens

Via The Lane - an inspirational wedding site...a lovely find even if your not planning a wedding.


Rainy Saturday

It rained today and the outlook isn't looking good for the rest of the weekend. Our project plans may be put on hold. The joys of living in a one bedroom home with no covered outside area...'but we live on the waterfront' as my husband dutifully reminds me.

Our two precious nieces stayed over last night and we had plans to find a park for them to have a little fun...then the rain came down. We had a few errands to run so we stopped into some shops with the girls...they got their faces painted and a free red balloons...much to their delight. 

I purchased a some new items for our study nook. A Yellow lamp and an ampersand. And when i say study nook i mean a space near our front door that fits our desk...as previously mentioned, one bedroom home. 

I really do love my desk though. It is one of my favourite spaces in our home. I would love to work from home at this desk in the peace & quiet of our home overlooking the water. Here is a few pics of my desk with the new purchases.

Will keep you updated on the chair painting and veg patch projects...otherwise i will be on the lounge reading by the fire. 


Long Weekend Projects

Seeing how i am in a decorating/gardening type of mood this week. I am thinking i will take advantage of the 5 day long weekend and do some things around our little home.

We have some mix matched timber dining chairs...they are starting to annoy me. We are saving up for some US Navy chairs...replica's of course ;) but in the meantime i think its time to rejuvenate our current chairs. I found this little project which i have decided to do this weekend.

We have some recycled timber sleepers that we were given by some friends and we are going to get started on our veg patch...with the guidance of my river cottage handbook. There is nothing i love more than being out in the garden on these sunny autumn days with my husband.
I also really like this outdoor planting table on design*sponge but i think this will be a project for another weekend. Don't want to do too much work...i have a book and a few magazines waiting for me to read.

Get outdoors & enjoy the sunshine!


Inspired by a Friend

I was inspired by Emily from The Beetle Shack to buy one of the river cottage books. Here is her post about river cottage. I'm really enjoying her blog, it is well written with great decorating and craft ideas.

The charming little hard cover arrived today and i cant wait to get started on building our own little veg patch while we have the space to do so. The book is filled with handy tips on growing and maintaining your own veg patch, some delicious recipes and delightful photos.



A few favorites

Some Lazy Sunday afternoons are spent perusing well designed homes and looking for things to inspire me for the upcoming week. Here are a few things I found yesterday to from Hindsvik Etsy Shop.

'Hindsvik is a popular online vintage shop run by owners Daniel and Valeria. The blog is about the young couple renovating and redecorating their first home together. 
here they share vintage and design favorites, spaces and DIY ideas with photos from their own home.'


Flowers & Balloons

It’s my amazing sisters 30th Birthday in two days and my heart is filled with gratitude for her. I can’t believe how life has flown by, it seems like yesterday when we were young girls. Now we are older and married, my sister has two girls of her own and another bundle of joy on the way. I love watching my sisters girls play together, it so reminds me of the special bond that I have with my sister, a bond that can never be broken, a bond that is so familiar and loving, a bond that shares a lifetime of memories.

We are planning a party for her and I love spoiling the ones I love, it is my greatest Joy in life. I can’t wait to celebrate my sister the way she deserves to be celebrated.

Oh and by the way she looks amazing for 30.


Coffee is my Weakness

I'm out of coffee beans! This is a disaster! I know i am sounding a little dramatic but just ask my husband what i am like in the morning if i have not had a coffee.

Last year i went on a girls weekend to Melbourne with my Mum & Sister before i got married. While down there we discovered why Melbourne is truly better the Sydney (apart from the harbour of course)...The Coffee!

We discovered St Ali in South Melbourne. It is everything i love about a coffee/dining experience. The Single Origin Coffee is out of this world and their food is creative and delicious. The decor is industrial with its mix matched chairs, warm plywood lining on the walls and concrete floors. If i lived in an inner city apartment this is what i would want it to look like. As soon as you approach St Ali down a hidden, graffiti art lined lane way you are amazed by the place, the lane way is bustling with people getting take away coffee's and waiting for their table. The staff are super friendly and individual which makes this place even more special.I'm starting to sound like a girl with a high school crush.

If you every are in Melbourne i would highly recommend you take a visit to St Ali and also check out their city cafe SensoryLab also a very cool place.

To my advantage you can Order St Ali beans online. With a good selection of Single Origin and Blends. So its time to place my online order and in a few days a little package will arrive at work with the sweet aroma that comes from these packets of coffee bliss. 


Cozy Monday

I arrived home from work on Monday afternoon to be greeted by this amazing rainbow. The sun was shinning as some drizzly rain coming down. The southerly breeze was coming across the water. This made for a cold, almost winters night.

It was time to light our Eco Smart Blue Box Fireplace. There is nothing better than a night at home with my husband, snuggled up with a cup of tea with the fire on // One very content woman.

First Time for Everything

So this is my first blog...here it goes.

I spend a lot of time reading other peoples blogs, reading design magazines and dreaming about furniture to buy, i thought i would start to share things that inspire me...
Design Love Fest is one of my daily reads...Bri is  someone that inspires me, she is a fantastic designer and i love reading about her new apartment and checking out the fantastic photos that she post.
Another one of my favs is SFGirlByBay, Victoria is wonderful...she inspires me to redecorate my house every time i read her blog. I open up the page of a morning sipping my coffee wondering what fantastic delights will be there today.
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